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I was just informed László Hegyi :iconsigmavirus1: passed away two months ago after complications from cardiovascular surgery. He was only 28.
If you don't know who he was, he was the artist responsible for a majority of the image spots (Rarity in the Post Office, Young Gilda and Dash, The Ponyville Court Room, ect) and lots of the original art featured in Turnabout Storm. He also worked on Double Rainboom as a background artist and was currently working on True Tail. He was a great and talented person to work with, he made the art exactly how I visioned it just based off vague descriptions. My project would not have been the same without him and I humbly thank him for what he did for me in his tragically young life.

My heart goes out to his friends, family, or anyone effected by his loss.
Rest in peace, my friend.

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PinkiePizzles Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like Rainbow will need Phoenix Wright after smashing up Cloudsdale like that :O
*RarityVoice* Seeeeeeeequeeeeel!
gmingdude Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
In one of your posts you made a long while ago, specifically this one,:…

You had stated this: "We have that bad ending thing to conclude, a blooper reel I wish to put out, and Making Turnabout Storm one giant 7 hour movie with a revised Part 1 and 2 with some new dialogue, revised graphics, and proportionally edited as I feel those two don't live up to the rest of the series standards."

The blooper reel has been put out, but do you have any words to put in regarding the bad ending, as well as the full movie revision? I'm not trying to sound like I'm pressuring it to be released, I'd understand and be perfectly fine if it were not to happen, but I and probably countless other people are curious regarding these two things.
JeanLucObama Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
I'm making a game using a Phoenix Wright case maker. There are two things I wanted to ask.

Since it's a game, I'd have to change some of the dialogue around to fit the genre. Would that be okay?
Do you have a bible with all the assets in it besides the ones you have on your deviantart?

Thanks. Turnabout Storm is a very special fan project to me, so I want to make this game as tribute.
NeoArtimus Featured By Owner Edited Apr 20, 2015

Believe it or not, you're not the first to ask this set of questions. So I'll give the answer I have told all these people.

I understand some stuff would have to be changed around to fit an interactive game and that's alright. I would appreciate you attempt to keep it faithful to the story though and not alter around the story TOO much from in the videos though. If you're doing a sequel, you're free as rain to do whatever you want with that story and characters, but I'd feel better knowing any sort of adaption of my little brain child stays true to the series I put up. Reason being, it might confuse people who stumble across that version first, and it would bum me out if a series I worked so hard on wasn't being properly represented.

As for the assets. Truth be told you can find most of them here and on :iconsigmavirus1:'s page. I know they aren't all there. Problem is, there are almost 13gigs of resources and I don't know really how to get them online. :(
JeanLucObama Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
Don't worry. I'm not going to change anything to drastically. Just add some observational dialogue when you check stuff in point and click mode. Otherwise the story will be exactly how it was in the videos :)

That's too bad. I hate to be a pest, but could you maybe send me just some of the image files over skype or perhaps put them on a dropbox? 
Maldrete Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
I loved your Turnabout Storm work.
HDK10 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
Turnabout Storm is my favorite video on youtube! Your work is amazing!
JeanLucObama Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
What are your opinions on shipfics?
NeoArtimus Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
Since you caught me while I was on, and seems to be a reoccurring themed comment on my videos:

I don't really like character shipping as a whole and didn't want it in Turnabout Storm at all when writing it as both franchises are kind of over saturated with shipfics that don't keep the spirit of either of the franchises. I was going more for 'friendshipping' (I think they call it) where new ties of friendship are forged or established bonds made stronger in a non-intimate way. I find this more interesting and easier to resonate to more people. In fact both series are heavily based on the theme of friendship (Ace Attorney being a bit more subtle than MLP). So to close this out, I don't downright detest shipping, as can understand why there maybe an audience for it, but it isn't my cup of tea, nor did I ever intend/want there to be intimate feelings between Phoenix and Twilight by her dialogue in the epilogue as some people perceived, they are just good friends.
Lilothestitch Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Student Artist
Hi, how are things?
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