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Can anyone make an animated gif loop of this and retain it's quality? I can't seem to do it for the life of me.

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Hey, I've just seen TS (or you could say "I heard" cause I was downloading the audio and listening to it over past few days) Great stuff! I loved the writing, the story, relationships between characters and your Trixie I liked MUCH more than the one from the show! And great job to the voice actors. Again, Trixie voice from TS was better than FIM one ; )

I'm glad you won't do a sequel but I do sure hope you won't stop making things! Can't wait for your future projects. Especially if it will be audio heavy like TS, so I can listen to it, hehe ; )
hello Artimus, check out My Top 10 Favorite Bronies Crossover Fanwork >>…
Your Project is in Number 10 :)

hope you like it :D
Ever  played turnabout reclaimed? The ending is crazily similar to turnabout storm
Loved the Turnabout Storm work, Artemis! The writing, the vocal acting, the use of the sprites, it was all so well-connected and engaging! I remember thinking through Part 4, "This is like... 'Breaking Bad, Season 5' drama!" I can see how this fan work can bring in a lot of people to understand and appreciate the fan base of MLP:FiM, and the show that they center around. Great work! :)
Nice art XD and cool icon 
Well.. just want to inform you, happened to see this, I think someone tries to steal your characters...…… Used names, general appearance and characteristics, while reworking the story, when yours is original. Will be glad if I could help, if I'm wrong, then I demand excuse for disturbance...
I don't want to be one of those "OC DONT STEEL!" people, and it's completely harmless. I doubt anyone is going to look at my project and think I took these designs. At the end of the day "imitation is a form of flattery" as they say. Thanks for your concern letting me know, though. :)
Alright, glad to near your response. I know, but, I just felt obligated to inform you of that. I am just a huge fan of your creation, sooo yeah, taking a chance to say that I thank you for your hard work and awesome project! If honestly, when people ask which movie is my favorite, I say "An awesome 10-hour movie, called "Turnabout Storm"". :3 Also I like to call it "PW:FiM"... Well in any case, yeah, thanks a lot for your attention. Good luck to you there and have a great timepassing!
To give credit where credit is due, it must not be easy to be this half-assed.
ATomPonies Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fav!
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